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Preston Stanley Financial Management

What We Do

Preston Stanley is tirelessly dedicated to the establishment of a new benchmark by which all investment management practitioners – past, present and future – will be judged.

We strive to push the boundaries of what clients should expect – both in terms of investment performance and service delivery – when they make the decision to entrust a practitioner with oversight of their financial standing.

Although it is fair to say that most of the firms vying for your custom take a largely comparable approach to investment/wealth management, it is also true to say that standards of research and service can vary wildly from company to company.

Focusing On Client Objectives

At Preston Stanley, our clients have found that it is our approach to honing and refining these aspects of our offering that is particularly appealing. We focus intensively on clients' requirements, aspirations and objectives with a view to helping to realize them in the best way possible.

We take the time required to construct a clear and detailed image of what it is our clients are trying to accomplish. Indeed, following our consultations, many of our clients find they have requirements that may have been obscured by other factors at the time they approached us.

Consummate Knowledge

Typically, clients come to us seeking capital appreciation, a meaningful income from fixed investments or a combination of the two. Our attention to detail, our consummate knowledge of our markets and the assets/products therein ensures that we are able to help them achieve these goals without exposing their capital to excessive and unnecessary levels of risk.

Our Services

Preston Stanley offers a full suite of services aimed at catering to the needs of a client pool that becomes more sophisticated with each passing year.

From initial consultation to the regular scheduled reviews, clients need be in no doubt whatsoever that our services will be delivered with the utmost care and attention.

Services Overview

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A comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to accommodate your unique preferences in consideration of your aspirations.

Global Equity Investments

Global Equity Investments

Capital dedicated to investment in the shares of publicly-traded corporations is generally regarded as being among the most effective ways of increasing the value of a portfolio.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative Investment

In the last decade, non-traditional investment assets and products have become increasingly popular. Everything from cryptocurrencies to hedge funds and financial derivatives are attracting interest and inward investment at a blistering pace.

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Multi-Asset Capabilities

Discover Our Multi-Asset Capabilities

The old adage that cautions against placing all one's eggs in one basket is at the very heart of contemporary investing, both in terms of ensuring capital has the best chance to grow and in terms of insulating that capital against loss.

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