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Financial Planning

Aligning strategy with your circumstances

Holistic Financial Planning

Be under no illusions, it is impossible to effect a financial plan with any realistic chance of success unless all areas of a client's personal circumstances are fully evaluated – both beforehand and continually throughout the plan's lifecycle.

We have seen many instances where it has been attempted by other practitioners and the results have been disastrous.

Changing With You

People's circumstances change and a plan that is unable to adapt as and when those changes occur is likely to be less effective and potentially unable to reach its objectives.

Financial Planning Process

Financial Planning Process

Because the notion of a quick fix is considered an abomination here at Preston Stanley, we prefer a holistic approach that embraces the client's financial make up in its entirety and pays particular attention to the details surrounding things like income and expenditure, legacy investments, tax liabilities, debt, retirement planning, school-fees planning and wealth distribution contingencies upon death or incapacity.

Once we've amassed the necessary information and established a firm understanding of the intricacies therein, our professionals often discover they have a better appreciation of their circumstances and can reassert control over their day-to-day finances with renewed confidence.

Financial Planning

Preston Stanley's process relies on five key stages:

  • 1. Introduction – Here, we establish the client-adviser relationship
  • 2. Collation – This is when we marshal the vital information we use to formulate our recommendations
  • 3. Reality – An objective evaluation and review of the client's financial status and goals
  • 4. Proposal – We collaborate with the client to develop and present recommendations
  • 5. Action – The actual implementation of the various recommendations
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