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Fixed Income

Fixed Income Streams

Reducing Risk, Generating Income

Once capital has been accumulated, many investors believe that the time has come to "take risk off the table" or, in other words, secure it safely in a low-risk environment where it can quietly generate income without losing its purchasing power.

For many, this is when fixed income investment comes into its own. Fixed income investments come in a variety of forms including sovereign debt, corporate debt, savings bonds and guaranteed income certificates.

At Preston Stanley, we are primarily concerned with the first two, sovereign and corporate debt. We use them to generate regular, reliable income to clients who need it.

Long-term Security

Sovereign debt is debt issued by nations via their treasuries who borrow money from investors for a fixed period anywhere from 6 months to 30 years.

They agree to pay a coupon or a "yield" of a fixed percentage for the duration of the term of the loan and then repay the principal upon maturity (when the term of the loan expires). These are considered very safe investments with low volatility and they carry the backing of a national government.

Corporate debt is similar but the main difference is that companies are considered more likely to fail than national governments so the interest rates are usually more generous. Much of the investment we do in fixed income for our clients is done via pooled investments eg bond funds or exchange-traded funds.

retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Helping you to clarify where you stand financially and what you realistically need to do to ensure that, at least financially, you're ready for what should be your golden years.

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Global Equity Investments

Global Equity Investments

Capital dedicated to investment in the shares of publicly-traded corporations is generally regarded as being among the most effective ways of increasing the value of a portfolio.

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Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are pooled investments that allow investors to pool their resources in order to gain exposure to assets they might otherwise find barred to entry.

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Multi-Asset Capabilities

Discover Our Multi-Asset Capabilities

The old adage that cautions against placing all one's eggs in one basket is at the very heart of contemporary investing, both in terms of ensuring capital has the best chance to grow and in terms of insulating that capital against loss.

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Wealth management services

Comprehensive Wealth Solutions

Our service provides access to market-leading professional expertise whilst negating the administrative burden related to the day-to-day running of an investment portfolio.
Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions

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