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Global Equities

Global Equity Markets

Our Diligence Secures Gains

Capital dedicated to investment in the shares of publicly-traded corporations is generally regarded as being among the most effective ways of increasing the value of a portfolio.

That being said, the return on investment is dependent upon several key factors including the prevailing economic climate, the trading conditions of the target company's business sector and broader investor sentiment.

These can all exert a positive or a negative effect on stock prices. Nevertheless, with diligent analysis of a company's activities, its cash flow, debt, earnings and its performance against its competitors, it is reasonable to expect to secure profit over the longer term.

Access All Exchanges

Preston Stanley invests in equity markets around the world including the advanced exchanges on the North American continent, Europe and the Far East. We also provide access to the emerging markets of the Asia Pacific region and Latin America as well as the frontier markets of Sub-Saharan Africa.

We can tailor stock selection to the individual risk appetite profiles of each client as part of the personalized wealth and investment management services we provide.

Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management

Our wealth management service provides access to market-leading professional expertise whilst negating the administrative burden related to the day-to-day running of an investment portfolio.

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Advisory Managemetn Services

Advisory Management

Ideal for those who have some investment experience and who like to retain full control over their portfolios as well as those who wish to take long term positions in specific assets or classes.

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Fixed Income Investments

Fixed Income Investments

Once capital has been accumulated, many investors believe that the time has come to "take risk off the table" or, in other words, secure it safely in a low-risk environment where it can quietly generate income without losing its purchasing power.

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Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are pooled investments that allow investors to pool their resources in order to gain exposure to assets they might otherwise find barred to entry.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative Investment

In the last decade, non-traditional investment assets and products have become increasingly popular. Everything from cryptocurrencies to hedge funds and financial derivatives are attracting interest and inward investment at a blistering pace.

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