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Investment Philosophy

Generation & preservation of wealth

Identifying the Quality Assets

Preston Stanley aims to acquire and hold equity in quality corporations with a view to creating and preserving long-term wealth but we seek to do so by identifying companies that, for one reason or another, have yet to attract the broader market's attention or which aren't part of whichever pet sector markets tend to froth over from time to time.

Patience is the Greatest Asset

This approach best manifests itself in instances where we are given a discretionary mandate by our clients and lends itself well to our methodology when acquiring assets at keen prices on their behalf. Bull markets seldom go up in a straight line and we aim to secure client holdings on temporary dips in prices with a view to awaiting the resumption of upward price action and momentum.

At Preston Stanley we prefer to resist the temptation that so many others succumb to when they to try to outguess the market and humbly accept that, ultimately, the market is always right.

Long-term Viewpoint

Although we are experienced and seasoned investors, Preston Stanley cannot accurately predict the movements of the market. No one can. Our experience has shown us that long-term investment is the best way to iron out the peaks and troughs that have served to relieve short-term investors of their shirts.

The tailor-made, diversified portfolio of equities, fixed income, mutual/ETF funds, hard assets and other quality investment vehicles we fashion for clients positions them to benefit from the market's historically-proven ability to outstrip inflation and can help them to increase and preserve their purchasing power over the long term.

Multi-Asset Solutions

At Preston Stanley, we believe in applying these simple tenets to our clients' portfolios by spreading capital around several asset classes. This is colloquially referred to today as a "multi-asset strategy" and it is one that has yielded handsome benefits for our esteemed clients over the years.

Our Capabilities

Leveraging upon our global network of investment and research specialists, we present our expertise across what we believe to be the most relevant components of a truly complete multi-asset solution.


Wealth management services

Comprehensive Wealth Solutions

Our service provides access to market-leading professional expertise whilst negating the administrative burden related to the day-to-day running of an investment portfolio.
Comprehensive Wealth Management Solutions