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Multi-Asset Solutions

Asset allocation & diversification strategy

Spreading the Wealth

The old adage that cautions against placing all one's eggs in one basket is at the very heart of contemporary investing, both in terms of ensuring capital has the best chance to grow and in terms of insulating that capital against loss.

At Preston Stanley, we believe in applying these simple tenets to our clients' portfolios by spreading capital around several asset classes. This is colloquially referred to today as a "Multi-Asset strategy" and it is one that has yielded handsome benefits for our esteemed clients over the years.

Smoothing out Growth

Asset allocation and diversification are important risk management tools that help to guard against losses if one or more asset classes should enter correction territory but they are also useful as a way as evening out the varying pace of growth over the time horizon of the investment.

We operate within many asset classes but there are three main ones that more than 90% of our client portfolios are concentrated in. Our alternative investments deal with more exotic instruments that appeal to our more financially sophisticated clientele and encompass synthetic debt funds, long/short funds and other complex derivatives.

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investment

In the last decade, non-traditional investment assets and products have become increasingly popular. Everything from cryptocurrencies to hedge funds and financial derivatives are attracting interest and inward investment at a blistering pace.

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Global Equity Investments

Global Equity Investments

Capital dedicated to investment in the shares of publicly-traded corporations is generally regarded as being among the most effective ways of increasing the value of a portfolio.

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Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are pooled investments that allow investors to pool their resources in order to gain exposure to assets they might otherwise find barred to entry.

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