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Mutual Funds/ETFs

Invest with ease and convenience

Neutralizing Bars to Entry

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are pooled investments that allow investors to pool their resources in order to gain exposure to assets they might otherwise find barred to entry. They also provide a convenient way for investors to invest in assets that are difficult or impractical to take possession or delivery of – oil, uranium, gold, sugar etc.

Added Diversification

The main advantages of mutual funds are that they offer economies of scale, a superior degree of diversification, they are highly liquid and they are overseen by professional fund managers. Disadvantages include the fact that they carry fees and expenses which eat into profits.

Preston Stanley has access to mutual funds investing a virtually any asset from equities to bonds and beyond. We select those whose charges are minimized so as to limit their impact on client capital.

Guiding You Through the Choices

One of the main differences between ETFs and mutual funds is that ETFs are traded on a stock exchange. This means they are continually being priced during trading hours whereas a mutual fund is priced once a day.

ETFs are less expensive for fund managers to run so, typically, they'll feature a lower annual ongoing charge figure than a mutual fund counterpart.

That being said, investors need to be aware that there will be transaction charges since ETFs must be bought through a broker. As you'd expect, Preston Stanley can advise of all charges and transaction costs investing in ETFs will attract.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

It is impossible to effect a financial plan with any realistic chance of success unless all areas of a client's personal circumstances are fully evaluated – both beforehand and continually throughout the plan's lifecycle.

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Global Equity Investments

Global Equity Investments

Capital dedicated to investment in the shares of publicly-traded corporations is generally regarded as being among the most effective ways of increasing the value of a portfolio.

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Fixed Income Investments

Fixed Income Investments

Once capital has been accumulated, many investors believe that the time has come to "take risk off the table" or, in other words, secure it safely in a low-risk environment where it can quietly generate income without losing its purchasing power.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative Investment

In the last decade, non-traditional investment assets and products have become increasingly popular. Everything from cryptocurrencies to hedge funds and financial derivatives are attracting interest and inward investment at a blistering pace.

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