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Exacting Standards for Individuals

Financial Management Services

Preston Stanley offers a full suite of services aimed at catering to the needs of a client pool that becomes more sophisticated with each passing year.

The days when investment practitioners used a cookie cutter approach to categorizing an investor's attitude to risk are over. Where once, low, medium or high risk were the only pigeonholes available, today solutions must be tailored to the unique individual needs of each client.

Fully Personalized, Every Time

Nothing less will do and, naturally, Preston Stanley insists that each client receives a fully bespoke service that is customized for them and their personal circumstances alone.

From initial consultation to the regular scheduled reviews, clients need be in no doubt whatsoever that our services will be delivered with the utmost care and attention.

Our Investment Approach

Approach to Investment

Preston Stanley's seasoned analysts are blessed with the ability to explore deep into the minutiae often buried in financial statements, earnings reports and projections.

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How We Work

How We Work

Although we do not limit ourselves to any particular methodology, we tend to focus on value of which there is still an abundance if one knows where to look.

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