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Retirement Planning

Prepare for your retirement years today

Retiring and Staying Retired

You might be approaching retirement age in the next few years or it could be decades away; either way, Preston Stanley can help you clarify where you stand financially and what you realistically need to do to ensure that, at least financially, you're ready for what should be your "golden years".

Our retirement planning service can devise a strategy designed to ensure that not only can you retire comfortably but, most importantly, that you can actually REMAIN retired.

It's all very well retiring early but if, ten years down the road, you're forced to cut back drastically, returning to work in order to maintain your standard of living could be the most ignominious of outcomes for an older person.

Providing comprehensive retirement solutions

It's worth remembering that, once you've retired, you'll have a lot more time on your hands. For most people, this means more leisure but for some, it means an opportunity to work on a hobby or even start a business. Whatever you do, it's going to require more money than perhaps what you managed to spend when you were working . . . . but without a regular salary or wage coming through.

It is crucial that we gather as much information as we can about your personal objectives and your circumstances so we can plan the optimal approach to achieving your retirement goals. At Preston Stanley, our investment professionals are able to fold existing portfolios and pension arrangements into one comprehensive strategy capable of funding the retirement you want.

Retirement Planning

Fully-funded "Golden Years"

When it comes to planning retirement, there is a veritable plethora of options available. Our professionals are well-versed in the numerous ways that exist to ensure that, no matter what you plan to do with your "golden years", money – or rather, the lack of money – will never be something you have to worry about.

If you're just starting to fund your retirement plans and have at least 20 years before stopping work, Preston Stanley can select an optimal combination of investments – some of which offer tax-incentives – which will accumulate a suitably large capital sum needed to fund a generous income from a low-risk pension provider.

If you're close to retirement – say, less than 5 years – then we can recommend booster strategies to increase your lump sum if needed or, if it's already sufficiently large, we can choose from a number of investments that can provide income including insurer or pension provider annuities, high-yielding corporate bonds or blue chip stock dividends.

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