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What You Should Expect

How we work with you

Relationships That Endure

At Preston Stanley, the actual implementation of a portfolio or investment account – the point at which we purchase the various assets that will form the initial composition of your holdings – only represents the beginning of your relationship with us.

While some of our industry competitors are content to simply accept your check and send you a statement once a year, we prefer to nurture interactive relationships with our clients.

Contact on Your Terms

Of course, we recognize that our clients tend to have busy lives and careers and, naturally, the frequency of contact they wish to have with their wealth manager rests entirely at their discretion.

Regardless, our portfolio managers and the highly-trained administrative teams supporting them will continue to work tirelessly in order to advance our clients' investment interests and ensure they remain informed as frequently or infrequently as they wish.

Our Knowledge, Your Gains

Clients can rest assured that each and every one of our portfolio managers has a deep and intimate understanding of the markets in which our practice operates. This understanding has ensured that our clients consistently enjoy market-beating returns irrespective of the overall economic backdrop.

Fixed Income Investments

Fixed Income Investments

Once capital has been accumulated, many investors believe that the time has come to "take risk off the table" or, in other words, secure it safely in a low-risk environment where it can quietly generate income without losing its purchasing power.

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Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual Funds/ETFs

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are pooled investments that allow investors to pool their resources in order to gain exposure to assets they might otherwise find barred to entry.

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Multi-Asset Capabilities

Discover Our Multi-Asset Capabilities

The old adage that cautions against placing all one's eggs in one basket is at the very heart of contemporary investing, both in terms of ensuring capital has the best chance to grow and in terms of insulating that capital against loss.

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